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Custom Glass Tops for Rectangular Dining Room Tables

The experts at Glass Doctor® provide custom designs and careful installation of glass tops for rectangular dining room tables. Because our certified professionals have experience customizing glass pieces to fit any design, we ensure the best fit, thickness, edging detail, and style to match your furniture and home decor.

Call us today at (855) 603-1919 to schedule a free, in-home consultation with a Glass Doctor specialist.

What to Expect with Glass Doctor

With over 40 years of experience designing and installing custom glass, Glass Doctor is the trusted source for your home glass needs. Our craftsmanship is guaranteed and our experts will carefully measure your rectangular dining room table and ensure that your new glass top is the perfect fit.

We will custom cut your glass dining table top with the thickness and edging profiles that are perfect for your design preferences. During your free consultation, you and your Glass Doctor specialist will decide the options that best match your home’s style.

Rectangular Glass Top Dining Table Solutions

A custom rectangular dining room table top from Glass Doctor will provide the upgrade, safety, and easy maintenance that you need for your home. A glass table top brings a number of benefits, from style to practicality:

  • Custom cut tops work well with many design themes.
  • A glass table can stand alone as a modern and minimalist furniture piece.
  • A glass top protects your existing wood table top while still displaying its beautiful surface.
  • The reflective glass will brighten any space and add a feeling of openness, making your dining room feel larger.
  • The easy-to-clean surface only requires water and a dry cloth to remain smudge-free.
  • A glass top offers a heat-resistant surface that can withstand hot plates and cups of coffee without the damage typical to a wood table top.
  • Tempered glass table tops are safer and protect against jagged edges in the event of damage.

Glass table tops are also more affordable than you may think. Read more about the benefits of Glass Doctor custom table tops.

Call the Experts at Glass Doctor

Take advantage of our years of professional experience and know that you are making the most informed decision possible for a professional and beautiful furniture style.

Call (855) 603-1919 for a free, in-home consultation with your local Glass Doctor expert. Our professionals will take precise measurements and discuss your design ideas. Trust us to install the perfect glass top for your rectangular dining room table.